Over 30 Years of experience

What We Do

Research & Discovery
To know you is to love you. Unfortunately 'love at first sight' comes along all too infrequently. That's why we get to know you the old fashioned way. Sure, we may start with flirty eye contact and witty banter, but we waste no time learning the ins and outs of what you do through an intensive interview complete with background checks.

The more we know about you the better we can share your story with your potential customers. We are inquisitive about your strengths and pull no punches when it comes to your weaknesses.

Ultimately, our goal is to help new and untapped audiences come to love you as much as we do.
Media Placement
What good is a great message if it never reaches your intended audience? We measure trends in viewership and utilize the most powerful research tools. If you have a target, we will find them. We have placed messages in almost every form of media imaginable.

We leverage all our clients’ interests when buying media to get the absolute lowest cost per point available.

We know you don’t have an unlimited budget to spend showing your ads to the world. That’s why we always say, "We spend your money like it's coming out of our pocket."
It's the thing that makes you...well, 'you'. We feel the gravitas of that responsibility when we create a new brand for any of our clients.

It's more than simply a logo, or a mark, or a positioning statement. Your brand is the emotional response people have when they come in contact with you - however they come in contact with you.

We help you develop a graphics standard and choose fonts and a color palette that captures your essence as cleanly and simply as possible - an essence that will work in any media, any size, for any and all purposes.
Web Development
Yes, but can your website do 'this'? Let's face it, the technology behind smart website development is changing faster than the weather. At Simrell Media, we've been building websites since the internet was a toddler.

It's easy. Choose us. We deliver cutting-edge websites built on 100 percent scale-able HTML5 coding. Your customers will experience your company in an immersive and engaging way, regardless of the device they are surfing.

Complete content management? Always. Streaming video with no lag? Done. E-commerce with autofill forms? No problemo. Life-like elephant-skin screen texture with smell-o-vision? We're not there just yet.
Video Production
If a pictures says a thousand words, then we have a superb vocabulary. Video is not only in our blood, it's how we got our start. And with more delivery platforms than ever, producing great video often makes the difference between a successful campaign and a dud.

Sure, we have have a room full of awards to back that up, but more importantly, we have a long list of satisfied clients who trust us to tell their stories.

From funny, to heart-tugging, we love to play on peoples' emotions. One of the best compliments we get on a consistent basis is "we didn't think that was produced around here". Big video ideas on small budgets are our specialty.
Though viewing habits are drastically changing with the permeation of Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites, television still can be effective for certain clients... and for many, it's part of the mix. Now that we all have the flexibility to watch TV whenever and wherever we would like, placing ads in front of the right audience has become more difficult than ever, and this is where staying up on the current technologies is key.

We pride ourselves on producing great video. We have a long list of award winning commercials, web videos and promotional videos for a wide variety of great clients. From funny, to heart-tugging, we love to play on peoples' emotions. One of the best compliments we get on a consistent basis is "we didn't think that was produced around here". Big TV ideas on small budgets are our specialty.
Print Design
We could list the print projects we've done over the past 25 years, but then we would probably need to build another website to fit them all.

Let’s just say, if it can be printed on, we can do it (and probably have).  From business cards to banners, brochures to body armor, our job is to make it eye-catching.

Along with traditional print projects like stationary suites, annual reports and direct mail, we've also created some award-winning packaging and point-of-purchase print materials.

Sure, they're static designs - but we promise they will move you in a big way.
Audio Production
Award-winning copy writing and narration are just part of what we do.  Our fully-outfitted, in-house audio suite comes complete with cutting-edge audio workstations, Neumann studio microphones and MIDI controllers.

We've won ADDY awards for our original music beds, orchestrations and children's songs. Sometimes we like to just go into the sound room to jam on one of our guitars, keyboards, banjo, ukulele or mandolin.  

It sure beats a stale, tired music library.  Besides, we like playing. After all, they don't call it "working" an instrument.
Marketing Plans
The worst time to add an additional bathroom is right after your newly-built home is finished. Blueprints keep everybody on the same page while ensuring that the job is completed on time and within budget. Our comprehensive media plans serve that very same purpose.

We tap into the absolute latest and most relevant data when hand-crafting marketing plans. Unless it's Publisher's Clearinghouse with a check, we hate surprises as much as you do.

And since 'one size' does NOT fit all, every one of our marketing plans is designed to your specific geography, target, media selection and budget.